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Quilmes Virtual University Program

The Quilmes Virtual University Program (UVQ Program for its initials in Spanish) is the National University of Quilmes’ on-line academic proposal. It is an on-line educational initiative, which uses the integral, logical system “Virtual Campus” as the means and medium to implement the University’s graduate and postgraduate training courses in an open and cooperative environment, especially designed for teaching and learning.
Our first virtual classroom was opened in March, 1999, and the UNQ was the pioneering University that started this kind of projects in Argentina.
This virtual environment, with its classrooms, interaction spaces and constant academic presence, makes it possible to strike a balance between the students’ individual assistance and the promotion of team work, an essential requirement for knowledge building. 
The UVQ Program courses of study assume certain prior knowledge on the candidates’ part. Students from all over Argentina and other countries take these courses at our Virtual Campus:
:: Degree in Public Accounting
:: Degree in Administration
:: Degree in Humanistic Social Sciences
:: Degree in International Trade
:: Degree in Education
:: Degree in Hotel and Tourism Business
:: Degree in Occupational Therapy
:: Technical Degree in Business Sciences
For more information:
Visit our UVQ Program website at:
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You can also call our Call Center Office: 0810-333-8478 (from Argentina) or +54-11 4365-7100 (from abroad)